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We rent out cranes in all shapes and sizes. From mobile and crawler cranes to rough terrain cranes.

On this page you will find a selection from our range of cranes. Do you need a different crane? We have the right crane in our fleet, so you can complete your project!

mobile cranes

liebherr ltm1300-6.2


Capacity 300 ton    
Construction year 2020       
Mainboom 78 m           
Folding jib 12.5-21 m      
Hook block 80 ton, 3-sheaves, 36.2 ton, 1-sheave, ball-weight 12.2 ton    
Counterweight 96 ton         
Drive 12x8

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liebherr ltm 1160-5.2


Capacity 160te     
Construction year 2020       
Mainboom 78 m         
Folding jib 12.5-21 m      
Hookblock 61.6 ton, 3-sheaves, ball-weight 9.2 ton
Counterweight 54 ton 
Drive 10x8 (Telma)

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liebherr ltm1500-8.1


Capacity 500 ton     
Construction year TBD        
Mainboom 50-84 m       
Luffing jib 91m         
Hookblocks 171 ton -85 ton -37ton -12.5 ton      
Counterweight 135 ton  
Drive 16x8

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crawler cranes



Capacity 180 ton     
Construction year 2006   
Mainboom 52.3 m  
Luffing jib 29.9 m    
Runner 12 ton        
Hook block 80 ton, ball-weight   
Counterweight 86 ton                                                       

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liebherr lr1500


Capacity 500 ton      
Construction year 2017   
Mainboom 84 m        
Luffing jib 84 m      
Derrick mast 30m with tray      
Hook block 300 ton -120 ton -50 ton  
Counterweight 170 ton + 280 ton SL ballast                                                     

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terex-demag cc8800-1


Capacity 1.600 ton   
Construction year 2020   
Mainboom 102 m   
Luffing jib 96 ton     
Hookblock 125 ton, 3-sheaves, ball-weight 16 ton  
Central ballast 20 ton
Counterweight 245 ton                                                      

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worldwide delivery

Van Schaften Leasing B.V. has a large fleet which allows us to deliver cranes at short notice.

We deliver cranes all over the world. We pride ourselves on our expert knowledge which helps us to offer you the best solution for your international shipments. We will always transport in the economically most efficient way. If required, our experienced  mechanics can build the crane for you in any part of the world. 

worldwide service

From worldwide shipping to installation and assembly by our own  mechanics. Our technicians are always available, whatever the circumstances and wherever you need us in the world.

Our comprehensive service guarantees perfect installation and operation of the equipment



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